Stubook Z: 17/05/1998

Mother of:

- Venturee (alias Prinses Leia)(Start-Trek x Carthago x Almé) champion 7 years old jumping in Ermelo ridden by Lizzy de Gooijer. Under the saddle of Charlotte Verhagen she competes for the Young Riders.(NED)

- Zambezi (Zandor x Carthago x Almé) international jumping horse ridden by Michel van Eck.(NED)

2nd mare:

Talmé (Almé x Bizet)

Mother of:

- Esmé (Blanc Rivage XX x Almé) national jumping horse by the owner Walter Mannhart (SWI)

- Halmé (Calypso x Almé) national jumping horse, ridden by Aniek Bijloos (BEL)

- Jollimé (Emilion x Almé)international jumping horse, ridden by Peter Wylde (USA)

- Queen d'Almé (Jus de Pomme x Almé) international jumping horse, ridden by Morten Wasmuth (NOR)

Grandmother of:

- Q&Q (Jus de Pomme x Calypso x Almé) international jumping horse ridden by Morten Djupvik (NED)

- Zegreanne (Zandor x Jus de Pomme x Almé) placed 20th at the Zangersheide Rankings 2011 most winning jumping horses, ridden by Keith Shore. (UK)